CD Jacquet

The most simple way for CD covers on OSX

Author : Pautex jf
Shareware : 10 Euros
Systeme : for MacOS 11 or less add new Amazon signature 2018.

CD Jacquet version 1.9.6

Mac OSX application to make attractive CD cover from iTunes. Really simple, select a track list from iTunes or select from the Playlist menu the album to display. ( import )
Have a look at french site version. <>


Click on the Read Selection button. This will retrieve and store your source Titles List from iTunes (left column of iTunes). With Web/local checked, CD Jacquet can automatically download the album display images for the front and back covers. If left unchecked, a local image, if available, is imported.
You can choose from the US, UK, or DE site of for your album image Web search in the preference panel.
Up tu 16 pictures are read from web, images are stored in a list, a red button is visible if more 2 images are awailable. this button roll images in list.


The Playlist menu reads from iTune's xml playlist file. If this file is not in the standard folder, open the preference panel to choose the folder where it is located.A iTunes XML playlist parser make now with playlist a dynamic menu from the file "iTunes Music Library.xml". Name of selected menu become name of album. Up to 16 images from tracks are imported in a liist.

CD Jacquet


Album and artist names are in the two text lines at top of window. Cover art can be used as downloaded or you can edit the images by clicking on either the Front or Back buttons. The front or back image opens and you will find options to edit the background color, the font and transparency. Options for the title display and time are in the preference panel.
List is editable in the first tag in table view. Edit ligne as usual tor that kind of list.

Other action are : picture erase, reload picture from web, drag cover as PDF in other application, copy as PDF the selected covers. Red button is visible when more than 2 pictures are awailable.

Select Front, Back or Center button to view and print the front, back covers or CD label
For center label, select number of labels, up to 3, and adjust position, try printing on paper.


CD Jacquet is 10 Euro Shareware (about $13). Send an email to obtain a registration code, or read fiil the secure web payment below.

Buy unlock code with Bank Card (full secure transaction)


After registration process, you will received a registration number. This code must be given into CD Jacquet in the registration window. You open this window in menu "Window" -> "Registration".


version 1.9.6 (02/18) CD Jacquet.dmg

Application : JF Pautex
Logo : Fabien Veançon
English version : Neal Mindel

jf Pautex is author of some Shareware or freeware for iPhone and MAC. :
Papier : PAPIER/ make some technical paper (Shareware OSX 10.1+).
Isometric paper : Papier Isometrique - (Freeware OSX 10.2+) (this background)

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